Online Restaurant Scheduling Software Saves A Life …Literally!

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16992969-professional-burglar-in-black-mask-opened-a-small-safe-holding-hand-gun-and-aimingHundreds of thousands of robberies occur each year, and many of the criminals who commit these crimes target restaurants late at night. A lone manager with maybe a few employees at best, lots of cash, and the darkness of night to slip away into is an alluring temptation for these perpetrators. They enter the building after it’s closed to the public, hold any remaining people at gun point and demand all the cash and valuables that they can forcefully take.

Sometimes they leave without a shot fired, but other times the victims unfortunately turn out to be casualties. whether from being locked in an industrial refrigerator overnight so the criminals can get away unabated, or from violent assaults — through force or weaponry. Either way, it’s no secret to any restaurant manager that working late at night, alone in their business, can be a dangerous situation.

To my surprise, we were recently contacted by one of our clients, wanting to thank us for saving his life. Saving his life — seriously? I’ve always been very happy and proud to know that our online restaurant scheduling software makes our clients’ lives easier, but I never thought it would actually save a life!

He explained that he’s always had to stay at his restaurant all alone until quite late at night to complete the weekly work schedule. He had apparently done this for most of his career — until he signed up for our online restaurant scheduling software.

Two masked intruders, armed with shot guns, recently robbed his restaurant. When he and his owners later looked at the security cameras, they saw the two men violently breaking through doors and smashing everything in sight. At one point, when they were near his office, it appeared that the robbers heard a noise.

One of the men turned quickly and fired a shot.

“I normally would have been there alone, working on my schedule at the time of the robbery. I had only left moments earlier to work on it from home instead,” he told us, with growing emotion in his voice. “Instead of being the victim of a violent crime, I was home with my family because of your software.” At that point his appreciation and thankfulness poured out.

Online restaurant scheduling software not only allows you to create your schedules more efficiently from anywhere you please, but it also changes your life in ways you can’t even imagine.

Sign up for online restaurant scheduling software from today and enjoy the convenience of scheduling whenever and wherever you please. Cause it just might save your life someday!