Why you need an Opening Checklist for Your Managers

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Whether you are the manager responsible for opening the business every morning or you are the bar or restaurant owner wanting to ensure that the opening shift starts the business on the right foot for the day, you need to have a framework for what needs to be achieved before you welcome the first customer.

Having a checklist on hand each morning will allow you to focus on the key areas without forgetting anything while ensuring you keep your staff on task and focused on their goals for the day.

A set of standard operating procedures are essential for the consistency needed to achieve success in the bar. Furthermore, setting standards in place early on means you’ll have the ability to measure the performance of your staff against the standards set.

It’s easy for the opening shift to be distracted by deliveries, phone calls, staff issues but a framework for keeping them on track can only help. Have your manager fill this out every morning and keep it on file to review if something goes wrong.

Use an Opening Checklist to streamline the opening shift and to ensure consistency between different managers.