6 Reasons Staff Scheduling Software Optimizes Your Business

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Staff scheduling can be more trouble than it’s worth – for both employers and employees. So much time and money can be wrapped up in avoiding scheduling conflicts and reminding employees of their shifts, that other vital areas of your business might end up neglected.

Here are six ways employee scheduling software, such as WhatTimeDoIWork.com, makes for a more efficient workplace, not to mention more responsible employees.

  • Employers have easy access from anywhere, at any time. Employers who manage from home or have a long commute to work won’t have to waste a trip to check or create a schedule. They can do it on their home computer or laptop.
  • Employees don’t have to call and ask for their hours. Schedules are accessible 24 hours a day — from any computer or smart phone — as soon as it has been made available.
  • Scheduling conflicts will be a thing of the past. Studies have shown that employees are more likely to welcome their work schedule if it meets their preferences and requests. So, employers can use scheduling software to maintain and track their employees’ availabilities. When an employer creates a new schedule, the software will warn them if they have created a conflict.
  • Staff members receive notifications and updates in seconds. Communicating with a large number of employees can be challenging, and employers may not have the time to call each staff member to inform them of every change. Employers can send important messages and reminders to their entire staff to keep them up-to-date on new regulations and the software will automatically notify the employees of any changes in the schedule.
  • It reminds employees of their upcoming shifts Gone are the days of employees calling into work to find out their shifts. The staff scheduling software includes an optional feature that can send reminders to forgetful employees. Keeping employees in the know reduces the risk of tardiness and no-shows, and employers no longer have to worry about covering shifts or being short-staffed.
  • Labor costs and overtime hours are cut. As each schedule is created, the WhatTimeDoIWork.com software calculates the labor dollars that have been spent and warns the user of overtime dollars that could be avoided. The money saved can then be invested in other areas of the business.

The thought of implementing new software can be daunting.  But, remember, one important aspect to staff scheduling software is time savings. That’s why WhatTimeDoIWork.com offers an online training wizard — so users can learn and review the features of the software at their own pace. The software can import employee information from a computer, which in turn saves an employer time on inputting the information manually.