3 Ways Online Scheduling Software Can Make Things More Convenient

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Managers of hospitality establishments often wear many hats. They control what happens on the restaurant floor as well as what happens in the back room. Along with those responsibilities, they are also tasked with scheduling employees for their shifts. Unfortunately, this tedious task is often one of the most unflattering and unexciting parts of the job. Thankfully, online scheduling software has turned a once monotonous task into a simple and enjoyable one. Does your company currently utilize online scheduling? Take a look at these 3 ways online scheduling software can make things more convenient, and benefit your business.

  • Real-Time Scheduling – Everyone leads a busy life. Between cooking dinner and taking the kids to their next soccer game, a free moment is hard to find. It is extremely important for employees to know their work schedule as soon as possible so they can plan for the upcoming week. Real-time online scheduling allows a manager to map out and plan the schedule for the following week and it is instantly available in real-time to all employees. This feature allows an employee to read their schedule on their mobile device or any place they have an internet connection rather than making an extra trip to the workplace on their day off. By planning their schedule online, employees will also be informed immediately if a change has been made or if they are no longer needed for their shift.
  • Organize Employee Requests – Managers are often handed a plethora of crinkled papers that ask for shifts, days and weeks off. Unfortunately, if those papers are lost or a manager doesn’t remember that they received the request, upcoming schedules can make employees unhappy and cause no shows. Online scheduling software makes things convenient for not only the manager, but employees as well. As soon as an employee is aware that they will need time off, they can simply enter it into the system themselves, or managers can enter it immediately for them, and they will be reminded on the schedule to not give the employee a shift for that time that they requested off. This capability will equal happy employees and will never put a business in a bind looking for someone to cover a shift at the last minute.
  • Schedule for Sales Trends and Based on Performance – Do you know what your most profitable time of the day is? What about your most profitable employee? Which employees are customers most likely to prefer? With online scheduling software, managers can better determine the most efficient coverage so they can schedule smarter in the future. For many businesses, there are often peak times and slow times during each day. There are also employees who can handle the workload during these times better than others. Having this information allows you to plan for your business’ trends and define which of your employees are most effective based on their performance. With What Time Do I Work.com, you’ll always end up creating a more efficient schedule for your business.

Although the scheduling part of a manager’s job isn’t always fun, it can be a lot easier than most make it by utilizing online scheduling software. Not only does it bring convenience to the job, but it also offers many other features that can benefit and even grow your business. When you spend less time scheduling your employees, you spend more time mingling with your customers, which keeps them coming back for more. More customers equal more revenue, which is really the best part.