Raising the Stakes on your Casino schedule

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Providing entertainment 24×7 for patrons who love to throw the dice, spin the wheel, and play the cards, your casino is always on. And that means your staff must be always on, too. The trick is scheduling the right number of personnel with the right skill sets in each department—every minute of every day. Considering you have to deal with numerous departmental and union rules, creating such a workforce schedule is a complex and often challenging task. In the end, the schedule needs to work not only for your employees, but also for your patrons.

When you sit down to create your staff schedule each week, you must account for a wide range of employee variables—part-time employees and full-time; weekday workers and weekenders; multi-talented staff members and one-dimensional; vacation time, sick time, and overtime.

Now let’s add to the confusion by thinking about scheduling from your casino’s point of view. During the course of a year, you have busy and slow hours, days and seasons. To keep operations moving at peak efficiency, while also tending to your customers’ needs, you need to base your weekly work schedules on historical trends. But even the best-laid plans (and schedules) are meaningless when the unexpected rush occurs. While you look forward to rushes for the extra revenues they create, you dread them for the scheduling headaches. No matter how you created your schedule, rushes mean real-time shifting of employees to meet customers’ needs—whether additional poker dealers or security guards, or fewer attendants at the roulette wheels.

So at the end of the day, you need a solution that enables you to create an effective schedule that accommodates full-time, part-time, weekday and weekend workers; identifies skill sets and training; tracks time-off requests; tracks hours worked and overtime hours; is easily updated; and enables you to run reports and see trends.

Sound like a lot to handle? Not when you use an online employee scheduling solution designed to handle all of the scheduling challenges casino operators face today. With What Time Do I Work.com’s  easy-to-use web scheduling software, you can store all your employees’ names, departments, unions, skillsets, emails, phone numbers, preferred shifts, and requested time off in one online location, accessible from anywhere 24×7. So rather than fumble with a stack of paper requests for time off or vacations, or try to remember who is trained in what department, or determine how many workers you need in each area on a particular date, What Time Do I Work.com will tell you everything you need to know—quickly and easily.

Using the What Time Do I Work online job scheduling software, you can look forward to a wide range of benefits.

Better scheduling communications – All employee schedule calendars are stored in a secure cloud. All your workers have 24×7 access to their work schedules. In addition, schedule changes appear in the cloud immediately, and they are delivered to your employees email or smart phone. All workers know what’s happening, all the time.

No more phone calls – Because every schedule is delivered to workers’ email or smart phone, your employees can see open shifts and volunteer to fill them. Even better, you will no longer receive phone calls from workers, wondering when the weekly schedule will be posted.

Reduced no-shows – Workers receive automatic alerts about their upcoming shifts. Reminders are a great way to ensure workers show up for work on time.

Better shift coverage – You can schedule adequate workers in busier departments and avoid scheduling too many workers in slower departments, based on scheduling reports. In fact, you can save your schedules and re-use them in the future. Best of all you can put ownership of shift coverage back in the employees’ hands, when they have last minute requests for time off.

Improve customer experience – With the optimal number of workers scheduled in every department, your customers will get the service they want and deserve.

Reduce overhead costs – While creating schedules, you are not only alerted to conflicts (reducing the number of times you have to update the schedules), but you also know when certain employees are scheduled for overtime shifts. The program will automatically calculate labor costs for every shifts.

To discover how much time and money you can save by using our web scheduling software, you can try it for free with no obligation for 30 days. No credit card is required to sign up.  To learn more, please visit https://www.whattimedoiwork.com/free-trial/

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