Scheduling the Right Hospitality Worker at the Right Time

12 Sep, 2013 | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


As a manager of a facility that operates in the hospitality industry—such as a hotel, restaurant or meeting/convention center—you need to oversee a wide variety of workers:

  • Wait staff/servers
  • Maids and housekeepers
  • Chefs and cooks
  • Front desk staff
  • Bellhops
  • Meeting planners
  • Concierges
  • And many more

It’s not only your job to train these folks to do their jobs, but you’re also responsible for creating weekly work schedules for each and every one of them. Developing a staff schedule for one department is challenging in and of itself, but when it comes to creating 10 or more unique schedules every week, enough is enough!

If you’ve reached the breaking point with traditional paper-and-pencil scheduling, and you’re ready for something new, What Time Do I Work has the perfect solution—one that will save you time, money, and frustration, while also keeping your workers on track.

The idea is to create all your work schedules online with easy-to-use web-based software. This way, you can store all your employees’ names, departments, skillsets, emails, phone numbers, preferred shifts, and requested time off in one online location. No more searching for preferred shifts. No more lost time-off requests and no more misplaced contact information.

Using the What Time Do I Work online scheduling solution is proven to:

  • Lower employee turnover – Provide employees with the shifts they prefer, while also reducing scheduling conflicts.
  • Cut costs – Create work schedules in less time than when using traditional paper-and-pencil methods; for many clients, our advanced yet easy-to-use web scheduling software reduces the time required to create a weekly staff schedule by as much as 75%. You can also use the software to easily monitor (and reduce) overtime shifts, and automatically track labor expenses.
  • Improve employee relationships – Manage requests for time off and preferred shifts. And because all work schedules are delivered directly to your staff’s email or cell phone—as well as stored in the cloud—they are available 24×7. Employees will always know when they are scheduled to work.
  • Manage on-the-floor staff – Avoid having too many or too few workers on the floor, helping create a better experience for both your clients and your employees.

To discover for yourself just how much time and money you can save by using our online scheduling software, you can test drive it for free. There’s no obligation, and no credit card is required to sign up.  For complete information on our online scheduling software, please visit