7 Morning Routines Of Successful Business Minds

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We all want to be successful. We want to succeed in our education, in our workplace, in our creativity. But if we are honest with ourselves, we probably hold on to certain habits that aren’t the healthiest for nurturing success. Here are 7 morning habits of some of the best business minds. Maybe, if you start making these your daily early routines as well, you will find more success in your life.

Wake Up Really Early

You knew it would be here… Every successful individual wakes up early in the morning. Unless you already consider yourself an early bird, you’ll need to work your way up to being one; start by waking up thirty minutes earlier than you normally do. Successful individuals typically wake up as early as 4:30 and 5am every morning.

Don’t Check Your Email

Habit says “check your email right now!” But the successful tend to wait on this. Don’t start your day bogged down by emails. Clear your head for yourself first, let business wait for a bit. That way you will approach the demands on your terms as opposed to trying to create your schedule around the directions of others. 

Make The Best Coffee

Many successful individuals meditate, or make coffee, or journal in the early morning. Take time to clear your head. Think about yourself. Think about your family. Think about your life goals. Ask yourself, “what three things must I ABSOLUTELY get accomplished today?”. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, decide that you will only focus on these three things today. 


Staying fit is important for your health, but burning off a few calories early in the morning kick starts your energy. Exercise wakes you up and makes you ready to head right into your day. 

Eat A Healthy Breakfast

They always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Successful business minds take the time to eat a healthy breakfast before going into their workday.

Bond With Your Family

It’s early, and successful people know that family time is important. Set aside time in the morning while you’re awake and your mind is clear to speak and bond with your family members. Help your children get ready for school. Clean up after breakfast with your partner. Remember no matter what, family is always the most important.

Plan Your Day

Successful minds don’t walk into the office and try to tackle everything at once. Before you leave your home, consider which tasks you want to complete, and in which order. Always start with the hardest task first. Take on the hardest task and you’ll have the energy to get it done.

Which of these habits do you already use personally? Which do you want to start implementing in your own life right away? And which do you think would be the hardest for you to implement and why?

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Ten Tips to Success for Restaurateurs

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In any direction you look there are hundreds of restaurants ranging from fast food and national chains to your local neighborhood hangout. So why would anyone walk through your door? Simple, they are looking for a solution to a problem and that solution is a good food and great experience.  In a world where there are uncountable numbers of options, we have combed the internet for the best tips that will help your restaurant be successful in a few simple steps.

10. Curb Appeal

We have heard more and more about curb appeal in the real estate industry, but the same principles transfer to your businesses. Everyday hundreds of people drive by your establishment and get their first impression of your business before even stepping in the door, so curb appeal holds a lot of power on your success. If you have a Five Star restaurant, your exterior should be equally well maintained.

9. How do you fit in?

Unless you are located on a busy interstate, most of your patrons come from your local area and therefore you should match your pricing and offerings to cater to those types of groups. If you are in a location with mostly families, a trendy or high class restaurant is not going to be a good fit and limit the potential success.

8.  Inviting Environment

Once you have your customers through the door, you want to reassure them that they came to the right place. The impression you give your customers upon walking through the door is subconsciously telling them about the quality of your food and drinks. Their first impression of your staff is through their host and server, and with great service comes repeat business and higher tips for the staff.

7. Create Signature Cocktails

In this very competitive market you have to stand out from your competitors, by offering a signature drink, dish or dessert you are able to offer what your competitors can’t. These items can bring customers to your restaurant- but while they are getting their favorite drink that only you offer, they are also ordering appetizers, dinner and possibly dessert.

6. Advert Your Eyes Here

We all know that advertising is important to every business, but for restaurants these are more critical. The advertising efforts and promotions for restaurants do not have to be significant portions of a monthly budget. Here’s a few of the best ideas (although the list is endless):

  • Happy Hour drinks and special pricing
  • Two for One Specials
  • Buy two meals get a free desert
  • Family Discounts
  • Early Bird Specials

5. Defrost your Capital

While it may seem like a good idea to buy your ingredients in bulk and store the extra in freezers, you are actually losing a large chunk of money that you may not see for weeks or even months. Not only do customers value fresh ingredients and are willing to pay a little extra for them, with fresh ingredients you are also not holding such a large inventory in the expectation of future sales.

4. 86 the 86’s with Inventory controls

A fast way to lose money in a restaurant is through missing inventory, and there are many different causes. For inventory control you need to keep track of your inventory, and calculate weekly because inventory is affected by many different factors such as portion sizes, waste, etc. Knowing what you have in inventory will help your purchasing decisions and needs. On top of this knowing what you are losing based on the above factors can help you see holes in your processes that could make you more profitable.

3. The Customer is Always Right

Everyone has heard that the customer is always right, and that is true. Why is it true- because the customer is buying your solutions/services based on their feelings and likes. The best way to improve any business is to be open to customer feedback, address it immediately and work to develop a solution to avoid other customers from providing the same feedback if possible.

2. Change with the Seasons

Just like fashions, customer’s tastes change with the seasons and trends. Menus should always be checked and adjusted to fit the current season and updated to include new “trendy” offerings. You don’t want to feature stew and other hot meals in the summer and you want to cater to new trends, such as “juicing” to keep in touch with the interests of your customers.

1.  Who’s on First?

Scheduling can be one of the most stressful, yet important things to happen in your business. You need to ensure that your restaurant is adequately staffed for all shifts throughout the day. When doing this by hand you could be scheduling too many employees for a shift and/or too much overtime. What Time Do I Work.com online employee scheduling software was designed by industry experts with many unique features and benefits to make scheduling a breeze. With automatic labor cost calculations available as you create the schedule and overtime alerts, you’re sure to have complete control of your labor costs.

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