Why Every Restaurant Needs to Use Scheduling Software

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It’s pretty easy to see that communication is a necessity to any thriving business.  In today’s economy, it’s paramount to have a step-up in your communication whenever possible. The restaurant business can be brutal at times, with small margins and long hours, not to mention all the variables that can quickly turn a successful start to a day into an understaffed nightmare!  Keeping a large crowd waiting too long at the hostess station and you may have just lost potential customers forever.  Between understaffed waiters/waitresses, tables that need to be cleared, food orders getting cold, and special customer requests, many times managers and their employees alike can quickly feel the stress of the situation, and that’s not good for anyone!  That’s where innovative technology comes into play.

Share the Load

Using staff scheduling software can lighten a manager’s load considerably by

  • allowing managers to have the ability to create their schedules from home, if they choose, instead of in the midst of all the commotion in their backroom
  • managers no longer need to cater to all those interruptions from employees asking when they are scheduled to work next
  • they won’t be inundated with scraps of paper with handwritten notes trying to decipher when their employee is requesting some time off
  • since now the employee is responsible for adding their own requests directly into the system, if you try to schedule this employee during an unavailable time, a pop-up will remind you about their request
  • when it’s time to schedule that team meeting, it takes the guesswork and out of wondering if you’ve contacted everyone because now, it’s only a button click away

Think of all the time you’ll save by not having to rewrite a schedule over and over again! 

Employee Approved

Your employees will love using the online employee schedule system too!  They’ll be able to

  • access their schedule via smartphone, or simply check online; no more time wondering when the schedule is completed, or having to run back up to the restaurant to check the board
  • input their own requests for time off, eliminating potential disagreements or friction; no more keeping your fingers crossed in hopes that your manager remembers your request
  • receive reminders for when you’re scheduled to work; no more awkward feelings, wondering if you should call work to find out, or just show up and hope you were scheduled   

The Bar

Another important area of a restaurant that cannot be overemphasized is the bar. If a bartender doesn’t show up due to a lack of communication this can cause a potential great loss in revenue to everyone involved. Using a streamlined bar scheduling software can open up lines of communication and increase a restaurants profits substantially by

  • having each bartender’s hours specifically laid out in such a way that meets everyone’s needs; bars typically open during later hours, and bartenders are typically balancing many schedules throughout their day
  • bartender’s having the ability to put in requests from their smartphone or computer saving them time, and better organizing their daily schedule which expands communication
  • increasing profit margins by keeping the bar open on time and keeping those drinks filled; generating greater profits for everyone
  • keeping the highest profit margin available means that employee hours don’t get cut; everyone in the restaurant can be affected by this    

Now, everything goes directly into the system, all in one, easy to use place!

The folks at WhatTimeDoIWork.com have made a huge impact to help you save time, improve even the best communication, all while saving you money.  This new innovative scheduling software didn’t happen overnight.  It was developed by experts with over thirty years of scheduling experience who took the time to sit down and listen to what managers and their employees both needed and wanted to become more successful.  Taking all their data into consideration, this team has developed a polished system where everything transpires in one place and can be accessed any time, day or night, from any place in the world.  They have produced the gift of giving you less stress and making life easier, while at the same time allowing you more time to work on those other important tasks for your business, you know, the ones listed under all those other papers that you can now throw away!

The Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Unexpected Costs all Business Owners Have in Their Company

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Before a business can thrive and start to make money for its respective owner and investors, it has to weather out the costs of doing business. The process of making the product to landing it to the customer’s doorstep involves a variety of expenses. However, even with the most diligent planning and preparation, a business owner can still miss a few unexpected costs on their list. Failing to identify and address the costs can drastically cripple your business in the long run.

Overdue Returns and Penalties

Regardless of the size of a business, there are bills to pay. Not paying them on time can lead to late payment fees that you might not have considered while making your business’ budget plan. If you do not yet have the cash to pay your bills, contact a representative to discuss alternative payment options.

Workplace Injuries and Accidents

When something goes wrong in the workplace, you are responsible for any financial damages it caused. For instance, you will have to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer to handle paperwork and of course the actual settlement amount for the injured employee. Work-related accidents are never a pretty sight, but is not an uncommon situation, especially in businesses related to construction or manufacturing.

Web-Based Expenses

Your online footprint leaves a trail of additional expenses incurred every month. Majority of businesses nowadays use the online space for their client acquisition and marketing strategies. But a lot of business owners do not recognize costs beyond the obvious monthly internet plan. They fail to account for expenses like annual domain name registration, hosting services, and even search engine optimization.

Strategic Changes

A business may face unexpected costs while trying to adjust their operational or marketing strategies. Costs may be incurred from hiring third-party advisers or from having to retrain the entire workforce to adapt to the strategy.

Hidden Liabilities

This is a tricky part, especially for new business owners. Hidden expenses and liabilities come in various forms depending on the market in which you operate at. Look for charges cryptically embedded in the fine print. This includes introductory teasers, poor quality materials, insurance coverage gaps, professional charges, or underutilization penalties.

No matter how much preparation you put into it, unexpected costs will keep popping up year after year. A smart and financially savvy business owner will be able to weather the increase in costs when competitors are already filing for bankruptcy.

5 Of The Best Business Blogs You Should Be Following

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You’re a business owner, and as a business owner, you want to keep up with the latest tech trends, social media accounts, ways to succeed as an entrepreneur, gain new customers, and so on. To help you out in keeping up with the fast pace of the 21st century, we’ve found 5 of the best business blogs you should be following.

1. Chris Brogan – ChrisBrogan.com

Brogan’s posts are short and to the point. His portfolio is very impressive, and he has consulted for some very big brands you’re sure to recognize: Google, Coke, Disney, Microsoft, and many others. What we love about Chris Brogan is his direct and informative posts about everything from online business courses to social media content to creating clear business plans. He also offers many options more involved than his blog, if you’re up to learning beyond the blog from the masterful Chris Brogan.

2. Mashable – Mashable.com

The probability is high that you’ve seen a Mashable article pop up in your Facebook feed today. Mashable is a highly relatable blogging site. College students, business owners, and your parents alike can find informative information on Mashable. The amount of practical and fun information you will find on Mashable will make your visit and eventual follow well worth your time.

3. CopyBlogger – CopyBlogger.com

CopyBlogger is a fast growing online blog, and they’ve also got a great podcast. They’re best known for their online marketing advice, but they’ve been listed as one of the best blogs to follow for entrepreneurial business owners as well. For the amount of content they share, they are only run by a few individuals, which makes it fun to learn the individuals behind the computer screen. Expand your knowledge when it comes it SEO, copywriting, page landing, and content marketing with CopyBlogger.

4. The Official LinkedIn Blog – blog.linkedin.com

As one of the largest (and growing) business social media accounts on the Internet, of course LinkedIn would be on the list. Their official LinkedIn blog is full of business related information. While you’re there reading and learning, make sure you take notes on how to keep up your own business feed on LinkedIn.

5. Seth Godin – SethGodin.com

The whole Internet can’t be wrong; Seth Godin’s personal business blog is one of the largest followed business blogs on the Internet. In addition to his online blog, he is the author of several best selling books, including his newest best seller, “What To Do When It’s Your Turn (and it’s always your turn)”. Follow Seth for great advice on growing your blog, while also developing yourself personally. He’s friendly and easy to follow. 

These are just 5 of the many business blogs available, and while there are many options, remember that as Conrad Hall once said, “You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward.” Learning is moving forward, and blogs are a great way to learn and get advice for growing your business. Do you already follow some of the blogs listed? Do you have other suggestions for business blogs you enjoy?