Optimizing Your Work-At-Home Schedule

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Working at home can be difficult for many people. While it seems like the ideal option for most, it is fraught with difficulties for people who don’t manage their schedule well. Keeping a regular schedule is important so you can make sure you get all your work done. Between family members interrupting you during work hours and chores that you must attend to around the house, it can be difficult to get organized and be productive while working at home. Here are some quick tips for optimizing your work-at-home schedule.

The Office

Don’t work on the couch or in common living areas. If you do, you’re asking for interruptions. Instead, set aside a space in your home, and preferably a room, so that others know when you’re at work. You’ll need a desk and chair at the bare minimum. When you work at your desk, make sure to place your elbows at 90 to 110 degrees. Place everything you need in the office so you don’t have to keep leaving for food, snacks and drinks. Every time you leave, you open yourself up to distractions.

Buy Equipment

Make sure you have the right equipment for the job. There are tablets that make it easy to work on the go when needed. Purchase a tablet that has a keyboard so you can type more effectively while you’re at home. If your tablet doesn’t come with a keyboard, consider purchasing a protective case that includes the basic tools you need to stay productive. For example the iRULU eXpro includes Wi-Fi and external 3G to keep you connected on the go (a purchase made cheaper with Discountrue coupons).

Leave Time for Breaks

It’s important to give yourself plenty of time for breaks. This will ensure that you’re able to work steadily throughout the day. Even though you’re working from home, don’t assume you can start and end work whenever you like. If you do this, you’ll find yourself working the entire day and leaving yourself with little free time to spend with your family and relax. Put in the work during regular hours and give yourself a break every one to two hours.

Working from home is a rewarding experience that can help you to get the most out of your life. You can keep a flexible schedule and make more time for family and friends. However, to do this, you must get organized. Try to keep on a regular schedule and do something simple at the beginning each day to trigger your mind that it is time to work.

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Spring (Fall) Cleaning Your Business

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Giving your business a solid sweep doesn’t need to wait until spring. At least once, maybe twice a year, give your company an overall look to make sure your business is running at optimal levels. There are always the basics that you can look at cleaning up; checking on your Internet and electricity bills for example to check for better prices are a good idea once a year.  But here are some places you might not be cleaning up that could use a nice autumn clean.


Email Lists:

Growing your email subscriptions can be work, so give yourself a big pat on the back for growing your subscriptions! Now that you’ve grown that email list, when’s the last time you’ve worked on client loyalty through your lists? This month, try offering deals and specials through your email newsletters that make your clients WANT to open your email. If you usually suggest products or services in your email campaigns, go back through and evaluate which were successful suggestions for your clients. Double check all your links to make sure you’re sending clean links; find the dead links before your client finds them. When checking links, remember to go through your website and ensure that all your sub links are working as well.


Customer Relations:

As a business owner, you’re constantly on the go; remember your clients are moving too. When’s the last time you checked on the accuracy of your client information? Do they have the same email address? Phone number? Address? Connect with your clients to ensure you have the most recent and up-to-date information. If you haven’t heard from your client in awhile, this check up is a great way to touch base and even reconnect. While reconnecting with your clients and updating contact information, you can also run a customer satisfaction email. Find out how you can make your customers happier. While looking over your client lists, really consider each of your clients. Who are your biggest spenders or most loyal clients? Which clients are the most expensive to maintain and perhaps not the easiest to work with? Cleaning out some of the clients that aren’t your strongest will help you better maintain those clients that will help you continue to build a better business. Once you see which clients are your strongest, consider what these clients have in common. Which services are they using? Use this cross information to help you decide what you need to work on as a company moving forward.


Company Procedures:

Take the time to speak with your employees. As the individuals who are working daily with your clients, or working behind the scenes for your business, they may have great ideas for things that may help your business grow or work more efficiently. Remember to give your employees a safe place to speak openly for honest suggestions. Compare your prices to your competitors. How do you match up? Another important aspect of your company is your B2B connections and other business partners. Take time to connect with your vendors, suppliers, and other business partners to make sure you’re up-to-date with all the new information they have to offer. Are you getting the best prices? Are you ordering the best materials for your company? Are there any options to work together to better build your business that you haven’t looked at recently? Talk to your business partners and investors to make sure not only everyone is happy, but see if anyone has suggestions or advice that will help you as you continue to build a more profitable business.

Obviously, there’s always more that can be done when you’re running a business. But by taking time to really evaluate your business plans, orders, and communication, you can ensure you’re continuing to build your business on a solid foundation. Even if you can’t do everything, start with a few small things. So don’t wait for spring to do your cleaning, take time now to sweep up!

Tips To Keep Your Workspace Organized

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A disorganized workspace can leave you feeling unproductive. You walk into the office determined to get lots of work done, sit done at your desk, and immediately feel overwhelmed by the amount of clutter on your desk, against the wall, under your chair, and on your computer desktop. Not feeling so productive anymore, are you? Now the only thing you can think about is how much stuff you have to do, but where do you even start? Here are some tips to get your workspace organized, so you can sit down and get the work done that really matters.

1. The Great Office Purge:

Take a quick look around you. What haven’t you used in awhile that is sitting nearby? Are there any gadgets that don’t work anymore? If you haven’t touched it in several months, you probably don’t need it. Don’t forget some of the trinkets or fake (or dead) plants that are around the office too. Take a few moments with a garbage bag, and don’t be afraid of the Great Office Purge.

2. Create Your Office Zones:

If you have a printer, make sure all your paper, ink, and other paper products are in one area of your office—neatly organized. If you have several filing cabinets, create an area of your office for all your filing work. Look around and determine what work happens in your office, and then create work zones for the work that needs to be done, creating a simplified and organized area for each work zone. This way, you’ll never wonder where you left that stapler!

3. Welcome To The World Of Digital:

Speaking of filing cabinets, if you’re still holding on to receipts from 15 years ago, maybe you should consider using a digital filing system instead of holding on to all those papers. It will help you keep track of your information, and keep everything much safer if everything is saved digitally. And another plus, you’ll have more room in your office space.

4. Tackle Your Desk:

Clear off your desk completely! Only keep on your desk the things you need on a daily basis. Perhaps you’ll need a calendar, or a pen, or a notebook, a couple of business cards. Decide what you absolutely need on your desk, and discard or place in another appropriate place. Don’t forget to clean out your desk drawers as well. And remember, If you don’t need it on a daily basis, reconsider it’s position in your desk or even reconsider it’s purpose in your office completely.

5. Repeat Daily:

Once your office is organized and looks nice and clean, you’re ready to be the productive you you’re meant to be! Keep your office clean by spending a few minutes at the end of every day doing a quick evaluation of your office space. Remember to throw out what you don’t need, or to properly put away things you don’t use on a daily basis. And while we’re talking about keeping things organized, make you sure you have the What Time Do I Work app downloaded on your smartphone to keep your scheduling easy! Happy organizing!