Optimizing Your Work-At-Home Schedule

30 Dec, 2015 | Tags: , , , ,

Working at home can be difficult for many people. While it seems like the ideal option for most, it is fraught with difficulties for people who don’t manage their schedule well. Keeping a regular schedule is important so you can make sure you get all your work done. Between family members interrupting you during work hours and chores that you must attend to around the house, it can be difficult to get organized and be productive while working at home. Here are some quick tips for optimizing your work-at-home schedule.

The Office

Don’t work on the couch or in common living areas. If you do, you’re asking for interruptions. Instead, set aside a space in your home, and preferably a room, so that others know when you’re at work. You’ll need a desk and chair at the bare minimum. When you work at your desk, make sure to place your elbows at 90 to 110 degrees. Place everything you need in the office so you don’t have to keep leaving for food, snacks and drinks. Every time you leave, you open yourself up to distractions.

Buy Equipment

Make sure you have the right equipment for the job. There are tablets that make it easy to work on the go when needed. Purchase a tablet that has a keyboard so you can type more effectively while you’re at home. If your tablet doesn’t come with a keyboard, consider purchasing a protective case that includes the basic tools you need to stay productive. For example the iRULU eXpro includes Wi-Fi and external 3G to keep you connected on the go (a purchase made cheaper with Discountrue coupons).

Leave Time for Breaks

It’s important to give yourself plenty of time for breaks. This will ensure that you’re able to work steadily throughout the day. Even though you’re working from home, don’t assume you can start and end work whenever you like. If you do this, you’ll find yourself working the entire day and leaving yourself with little free time to spend with your family and relax. Put in the work during regular hours and give yourself a break every one to two hours.

Working from home is a rewarding experience that can help you to get the most out of your life. You can keep a flexible schedule and make more time for family and friends. However, to do this, you must get organized. Try to keep on a regular schedule and do something simple at the beginning each day to trigger your mind that it is time to work.

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