Why you should use Online Employee Scheduling Software

19 Dec, 2013 | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,


Our new digital world is bringing us new, more efficient ways to complete jobs that were once thought of as time consuming, and until now inefficient.  We have phones and/or tablets that are basically computers that fit in your hand. Every day there are 300 new apps created to help improve our lives. You probably use many of these each day, playing games, checking email, checking your favorite social media sites all the way down to seeing what your dog is doing all day while you are at work. However with all these programs you have to download the app. With the growth of the “cloud” (internet) companies are finding ways for you to use their software without the hassle of downloading programs. The advantages are being able to access the program and information from anywhere at any time, automatic access to any upgrades to the program and ensuring that your information will not be lost if something happens to your computer.

Today you can leverage the power of the cloud to complete your weekly work schedules with advanced yet easy-to-use What Time Do I Work online scheduling software. Here’s how it works.

  • Load all the pertinent information about all your workers—names, emails, phone numbers, preferred shifts, time-off requests, hours/week, skill sets, etc.
  • Employees are able to enter their own time off requests that are logged and stored in the program for the next time you begin to work on your next schedule.
  • Create weekly work schedules from your office or at home.
  • The software will alert you to conflicts, such as scheduling a worker in a timeslot he/she requested off or if you have accidently scheduled one employee for overtime (saving you time and money).
  • When the schedule is complete, click Save, and the schedule is automatically stored in a secure cloud environment, where your employees can access it from anywhere at any time.
  • Click Send, and the schedule is automatically distributed to your employees’ email addresses and/or cell phones. No more paper schedules required and no need for employees to call and ask “What time do I work?”
  • Easily contact your entire staff when you have an open shift, without having to call down a phone tree

Cloud-based scheduling is faster, more efficient, and best of all, it removes you from the emergency-schedule-changing equation. Your workers can “self-serve” using the cloud.

What Time Do I Work.com taps into the strength of the cloud to deliver a solution that not only stores your schedules, but also makes them available to your employees 24×7. The What Time Do I Work.com online scheduling software offers many time saving features to aid in the schedule creation process, while also improving your business and your bottom line. Some of the top features include:

  • Notifies your staff immediately when new or updated schedules are posted
  • Automatically alerts you about scheduling conflicts and overtime hours
  • Saves old schedules for reuse when creating new schedules based on the history of the needs of the business
  • Stores time-off requests in the system; your employees enter the requests, so there’s no work for you
  • Reduces “no-shows” by automatically alerting your staff of upcoming hours

To discover for yourself just how much time and energy you can save by using our online employee scheduling software, watch the video.