Continual Learner: 4 Ways to Hone Your Professional Skills

14 Dec, 2015 | Tags: , , ,

In order to remain competitive and competent, employees should continually polish their professional skills and knowledge. Employees who continually engage in professional development will enjoy an enhanced reputation and improved expertise in their field. Below introduces four of the best ways to hone your professional skills.

Productivity Proficiency

According to personal productivity guru David Allen, it is entirely possible for a business professional to be overwhelmed with tasks, yet still function productively with a sharp mind and strong sense of control. There are fundamental techniques that professionals use to improve their organization and productivity skills, such as morning planning sessions and day planners. However, technology has created tools like Outlook, as well as cloud-based and smart phone calendars and schedules that must be continually synced. Nevertheless, anyone serious about personal efficiency will explore and adopt the best practices that fit their personality.

Presentation Skills

Personal knowledge and abilities are dormant unless they can be publicly shared with others. Therefore, those serious about professional development should expand their presentation design and delivery skills. It is also important to be able to smoothly respond to any concerns in a persuasive way with supporting facts. In fact, being able to courteously diffuse contention during a meeting, while allowing people to save face, is a valuable skill. In the end, being able to logically present and respectfully defend ideas will be very beneficial for anyone hoping to move into management.

Be a Team Leader

Anyone who wants to move into a managerial position must begin by becoming a team leader. Increased leadership accountability will enhance maturity, responsibility and transparency. It will also involve common interpersonal and organizational problems. For example, lack of trust, avoidance of accountability and unwillingness to commit are three of the most common problems that new teams face. Learning how to mitigate these obstacles while keeping all team members happy will help the team leader develop valuable problem-solving skills.

Formal Education

One of the best ways to comprehensively improve your professional skills is through continuing education. There are many options available, such as local community colleges or community centers. Due to the fact that most working professionals have limited time, online education through institutions like Global Learning Systems is the preferred professional development method among corporations. In this way, employees can take classes during slow periods at work or they can also take them at home. Either way, online learning offers flexibility and convenience.

No matter how you look at it, professional development is essential for both personal and career growth. Increasing productivity, leadership and presentation skills is highly recommended. Finally, online learning courses allow working adults to access exclusive educational content.