Tips To Keep Your Workspace Organized

05 Oct, 2015 | Tags: , , , ,

A disorganized workspace can leave you feeling unproductive. You walk into the office determined to get lots of work done, sit done at your desk, and immediately feel overwhelmed by the amount of clutter on your desk, against the wall, under your chair, and on your computer desktop. Not feeling so productive anymore, are you? Now the only thing you can think about is how much stuff you have to do, but where do you even start? Here are some tips to get your workspace organized, so you can sit down and get the work done that really matters.

1. The Great Office Purge:

Take a quick look around you. What haven’t you used in awhile that is sitting nearby? Are there any gadgets that don’t work anymore? If you haven’t touched it in several months, you probably don’t need it. Don’t forget some of the trinkets or fake (or dead) plants that are around the office too. Take a few moments with a garbage bag, and don’t be afraid of the Great Office Purge.

2. Create Your Office Zones:

If you have a printer, make sure all your paper, ink, and other paper products are in one area of your office—neatly organized. If you have several filing cabinets, create an area of your office for all your filing work. Look around and determine what work happens in your office, and then create work zones for the work that needs to be done, creating a simplified and organized area for each work zone. This way, you’ll never wonder where you left that stapler!

3. Welcome To The World Of Digital:

Speaking of filing cabinets, if you’re still holding on to receipts from 15 years ago, maybe you should consider using a digital filing system instead of holding on to all those papers. It will help you keep track of your information, and keep everything much safer if everything is saved digitally. And another plus, you’ll have more room in your office space.

4. Tackle Your Desk:

Clear off your desk completely! Only keep on your desk the things you need on a daily basis. Perhaps you’ll need a calendar, or a pen, or a notebook, a couple of business cards. Decide what you absolutely need on your desk, and discard or place in another appropriate place. Don’t forget to clean out your desk drawers as well. And remember, If you don’t need it on a daily basis, reconsider it’s position in your desk or even reconsider it’s purpose in your office completely.

5. Repeat Daily:

Once your office is organized and looks nice and clean, you’re ready to be the productive you you’re meant to be! Keep your office clean by spending a few minutes at the end of every day doing a quick evaluation of your office space. Remember to throw out what you don’t need, or to properly put away things you don’t use on a daily basis. And while we’re talking about keeping things organized, make you sure you have the What Time Do I Work app downloaded on your smartphone to keep your scheduling easy! Happy organizing!