5 Businesses that are Making the Best Out of Instagram

13 Jun, 2015 | Tags: , , , , , ,

You’ve seen Chick-fil-A’s mouth-watering pictures of perfectly lined up peaches announcing the return of their peach milkshake. Or Taco Bell’s delicious iced slushes that are sprinkled all around their Instagram feed that contains close to a thousand posts. And Burger King’s Instagram is sure to make you drop whatever you’re doing and head out for a burger right now.

Think your small business could never get thousands of followers?

Here are a few small businesses that are winning at Instagram.

1. @BeautifulBooze
The beautiful thing about Beautiful Booze, is that owner Natalie Migliarini, started her home cocktails as a hobby. Her hobby grew into a full out cocktail recipe and styling career because of her ability to show her passion through her work. One look at the @BeautifulBooze Instagram and you know Natalie is passionate about all things alcohol! Beautiful Booze shows off her craft cocktails by adding perfect backdrops and small props. Take one look at the @BeautifulBooze Instagram feed and we’re pretty sure you’ll be sampling some of her delicious cocktail recipes.

2. @Franktuary
In addition to the great wordplay in their business name, Franktuary is a hot dog restaurant and food truck located in downtown Pittsburg. They skillfully use their Instagram account to showcase their on the road food truck photos, as well as many perfectly plated meals from their restaurant. Franktuary makes sure show their followers all aspects of their small business; they leave nothing out. From the hand crafted cocktails, to the franks and fries, and the behind the scenes food truck photos, you’re sure to get a taste of their business from their Instagram.

3. @Bonpuf
Bon Puf is located in Los Angeles, and (as you may have guessed from their name) is an artisan cotton candy business. The @Bonpuf Instagram feed is as perfect as you might imagine. All their photos are filtered just right so everything feels pastel and light. While many of the photos are of cotton candy, they don’t leave out every opportunity to show off their work behind the scenes: cone wrapping, sugar flavoring, and cart locations. @Bonpuf Instagram has perfected keeping with their brand on Instagram.

4. @Plated
Don’t be tricked by their over 62k followers; Plated is a small business that was started in 2012 (just three years old!). The business took off because of the desire of many people wanting to cook great meals at home, but their social media suaveness definitely helped in their success. The @Plated Instagram feed is hundreds of beautiful photos of well-plated food. Their pictures show exactly what the customer would be able to eat by the work of their own hands with Plated. They are the perfect combination of artwork and enticing advertising.

5. @CounterCultureCoffee
It’s coffee, and how many pictures can you take of coffee, right? Wrong. Counter Culture defies everything you think you know about your coffee by way of their Instagram feed. Coffee throwdowns, climbing mountains with coffee farmers, iced coffee, pour over coffee, and the list goes on. Counter Culture does more than just take great pictures of coffee, they take an opportunity to enrich and educate their followers about their coffee business. @CounterCulture shows that their coffee is more than just a business; it’s an adventure!

It’s no secret that Instagram has taken over every smart phone in the world. When starting your small business Instagram, be sure to first think of your brand and how you want the world to see your business. Show off what you do best by sharing photos of your products (before and finished!). Share your newest achievements, biggest events, and location upgrades. Whatever you do, be sure to share what’s fun about your small business!