How to make Staff Scheduling with a Large Staff Easy

23 Jan, 2014 |


If you have a large staff and a confusing scheduling process you should look at web staff scheduling software. There are many advantages of creating and posting your staff schedules in the cloud. When you post all of your scheduling information on the cloud, it is not only stored in one central location, but you have the ability to create and post schedules from anywhere. Online scheduling also allows you post the schedule in the cloud where your staff can review the upcoming schedule from anywhere, eliminating all those scheduling calls you have to deal with. It also allows many different managers to view and help create the weekly schedules for their department.

Managing your labor for a large staff can be time consuming and difficult. You need to know the salary for each employee, their availability and contact information.  What Time Do I Work offers a wizard that helps you to upload all your employee information at once saving you hours of time.

When making a workforce schedule you have to calculate your daily and weekly labor costs. Web based scheduling software stores the information about each of your employees and as you create the workforce schedule. The software also offers the benefit of allowing your employees to go online and enter their time off requests. No more notes left on your desk, or calls across the hall that you have to remember and enter when creating the schedule. Once your employees have entered their time off requests, you are able to immediately go into the program and approve those requests, and when you start creating the schedule, these approved requests are already automatically populated in the schedule. You also get automatic alerts for any scheduling conflicts.

These are only a few of the benefits that What Time Do I online scheduling software offers. The best part is that you can try it free for 30 days!