How to Fairly Handle Time-Off Requests?

16 Jan, 2014 |


In the restaurant and bar industries it is quite common for employees to quickly scribble a note, yell to you in passing, or leave a voicemail when they want time off.  What happens when two employees request the same day off? Have you ever forgotten, and scheduled a worker on a day they had requested off? Not only will you have upset employees, you will now have to spend more time recreating the schedule and contacting your entire staff to let them know that there have been changes. This situation can quickly snowball into a bigger problem when some employees may not be available to cover others shifts.

Now let’s say that you did remember all the time off requests made for the upcoming schedule, what do you do if two of your employees have requested the same shift off? You know if you say “No” to one employee, there is going to be complaining. Employees can get into arguments over who submitted their request first, or who has had the most days off. How do you handle these situations?

What Time Do I Work online employee scheduling software was created and developed by restaurant schedulers who have faced these situations time and time again. We know how it can be challenging with traditional scheduling to fairly grant time off requests to your employees. Our employee scheduling software will do it all for you.

All time off requests are entered into the program by the employees. Doing Time-Off Requests this way allows you to see the time stamp of when it was requested, and the request will be saved in the program for your review for approval/denial. This accessibility to the schedule makes it easy to approve time off requests and automatically populate them in the schedule. The program also tracks all past schedules and time off requests helping you make the fair decision on whose request to grant.

This is only one small benefit that our online employee scheduling software features. To learn more, visit our features and benefits page, or try the program with our no obligation 30 Day free trial. What are you waiting for?