How to Boost Your Company’s Productivity

18 Mar, 2015 |


How to Boost Your Company's Productivity

Taking the productivity of your company to the next level is not going to happen on its own. Business owners should consider these actionable steps that could get their employees and their company back to peak efficiency no matter the economic climate.

Nurture Leaders
Owners and upper management should do everything possible to nurture leaders and independent thinkers within the company. When an employee makes that mental transition from a simple laborer to focusing on a leadership role, their productivity is going to go up exponentially as they look for ways to solve problems that others may have never thought of before.

Share Accomplishments and Defeats

No matter how friendly a team may be, companies of all sizes will have staff members form cliques or subconsciously compartmentalize. While every single member of the staff is obviously not going to be responsible for every major decision, it is important to think beyond personal accomplishments. Anyone that had even a minor role in a project should feel as if they are responsible for its success or failure.

Cut Out Time Wasting Apps and Websites

Employees may want to check on their social media accounts or surf through their apps on their breaks or during lunch, but if these time wasters are leaking into their working hours changes need to be made. Site blockers can be effective, but an easier way to begin this process is to make a written and firm rule about the use of these sites and programs during certain hours.

Update Necessary Software

Without being able to quickly collect and analyze data about workflow, there is almost no chance of increasing productivity. Companies should be constantly looking for new ways to update their software and programs with options such as Job Pack that can connect to ERP systems, collect data on projects, and help team leaders see where changes need to be made.

Take More Breaks

Giving employees breaks isn’t just a law, it could also help them be much more productive in the long run. Recent studies have shown that ideal work to break ratio is about 17 minutes of rest after 52 minutes of work. Obviously this ratio is not possible within every business, but even just 5 minutes away from the computer per hour can do wonders.

A modern company can be extremely complex and productivity can quickly be lost in the most obscure places. Focusing on these few projects may be the boost that your company needs after falling into a slump.