How do you Promote your Bar to Women

09 Jan, 2014 |


You know that women are the key to the success of your bar, but how do you promote your bar to draw in women? There are 3 main parts of your bar that you must look to create a female friendly bar; environment, menu and promotions.  With the right combination you will have a full bar and register in no time.

Let’s start with the bar itself, when you look around your bar what do you see? Women are looking for a clean, comfortable and inviting area to get together with friends and have a good time. Make sure that your floors and tables are cleaned often and bathrooms are fully stocked and cleaned often throughout the night. A couple of small touches that should not be forgotten are hooks for purses, counters for holding drinks, hand lotion and lots of mirrors with lighting that makes anyone look great.

Having an area set aside for dancing is a huge plus as it promotes interactions between patrons. Jon Taffer of Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue” includes a “Butt Funnel” in a lot of his bar makeovers. If you haven’t heard about this, it creates a passage to the dance floor but requires you to turn and slide through, increasing the opportunities for men and women to interact.

When you have men and women interacting in large numbers you need to ensure that everyone is having a good time. This includes not only security outside the bar, but also inside the bar. Have someone inside the bar, monitoring all your patrons to ensure that they are not being harassed or made uncomfortable by other patrons. This is a major plus for women to feel safe and comfortable at your bar.

Next take a look at your menu, this is a key place to attract women and increase profits. Women like hors d’oeuvres that they can eat without getting messy; they also appreciate low calorie items. Women are more likely to purchase wines and cocktails that have a higher profit margin than traditional beer.  However, recent studies are showing that women who drink beer are more likely to pick a craft beer; this trend is also increasing in men. Offering a selection of staples and some local craft beers are a must. We are also seeing a trend in juicing, offering mixed drinks that include juices can be featured drinks to draw in new crowds.

Now that you have the perfect atmosphere and a female oriented menu, how do you market your bar to women? You can’t use the same tactics that you would use to bring men through the doors (sports and scantily clad women). The easiest way to market your bar to women is through different promotions such as Ladies Nights, Karaoke Nights, Singles Nights,  Special packages for Bachelorette Parties and contests just to name a few. Women want to have fun and men want to be where the women are.

To ensure that your staff is fully involved in creating a bar that is welcoming to women, as well as supporting any promotions that you are using, try What Time Do I Work Online Staff Scheduling Software.  A unique feature of the What Time Do I Work software is that it allows managers to schedule shifts as well as different tasks that need to be completed during each shift. Try scheduling one employee each hour to go and check the cleanliness of the bathrooms and making sure that they are fully stocked. By including these little tasks automatically in your normal scheduling, you can rest assured that your bar is running at its full potential.