Helpful Hints

06 Feb, 2011 |

Helpful Hints
On the SCHEDULE page
Select VIEW to limit the
Jobs & Shifts that you see.
Select COPY TO and you can copy any week to any future week.
  • Select the Jobs & Shifts to copy.
  • Select the week to COPY FROM & the week to COPY TO .
  • Select the COPY button at the bottom of the window.
  • * Would you like to Copy the Notes with the schedule?
  • * Would you like to copy this same schedule to multiple weeks in the future?
  • Copy to the Following ## of Weeks after the COPY TO week.
Right click on any cell to open your mouse menu.

This menu will provide quick access to some helpful functionsUse Cut, Copy & Paste to make your scheduling easier.
Add Daily or Weekly Notes to each Primary Job ListAn open eye means that employees can see these notes
Type directly into the cells, or double click to open the Details.Hover your mouse where you see a red triangle to display the Details
Find a Replacement for a shift by selecting the cell & then select Find Replacement .* All possible replacements will be selected.
The employees selected are not already working, are available, have not requested the day off and are allowed to work this job.
Send an Instant Message
to the Employees!
Now that these employees are checked, select the EMAIL SELECTED button to send an instant message to their cell phones & emails.