Breaking into the Break Room: Complaints Your Workers Aren’t Telling You

22 Dec, 2015 |

The relationship between employee and employer is a delicate one. You have to constantly battle the balance between management and openness. As an employer, you may have an ‘open door’ policy that encourages your employees to voice their concerns. And although your employees may consider taking advantage of your policy, they may not feel comfortable doing so. Instead of taking their complaints to you, they complain to each other.
As an employer, it is important to keep your ear inclined to the concerns of your employees since this can help keep potential problems at bay. Here are five complaints your employees may not be telling you.

Inadequate Compensation

Money can be one of the most difficult subjects to discuss. Some of your employees may be frustrated by inadequate compensation packages and it is important for employees to have the opportunity to petition for a pay raise. Provide scheduled times to meet with individual employees to discuss pay increases. Having a confidential meeting can help make them feel more willing to open up about sensitive issues.

Lack of Trust

In the workplace, nothing says ‘I do not trust you’ like micromanaging your employee’s actions. Many employees have the ability to effectively do their jobs without their employer’s constant input. You should always be available to guide your employees through any project. However, resist the urge to manage every little detail of their project or processes.

Lack of Adequate Feedback

On a regular basis, employees should know whether they need improvement or are doing a great job. Unfortunately, many employers wait until the annual assessment to provide feedback to employees. Workers want to serve their companies well, and need consistent feedback on what they should improve on or how to further exceed expectations.

Favorite Employees

It is easy to applaud your rock star employees, but be careful not to play favorites. Favoritism in the any organization can promote a hostile environment, envy, and frustration. Resist the temptation to give your favorite employees the best projects. Find a way to celebrate the efforts of each of your employees equally.

Working Vacations

When employees are away from the office on vacation, do not expect them to work. Vacation is a time for them to relax and get away from the stresses of the job. Allowing them to unplug will develop a renewed sense of commitment to your organization.



Don’t forget how important workplace safety is, and what your employees notice. Since you aren’t as familiar with their daily tasks, you may not notice hazards they do. Make sure you address safety and workplace polices often. Have employees come to you if they notice anything, and get a credited company like Tailored Solutions to come do a work-site hazard assessment.

It is essential for employers to keep tabs on all their employee’s concerns. After all, employees who are happily engaged in their work increase the profits for their companies.