Add, Edit, Remove Employees

07 Feb, 2011 |

To Add
an Employee

Start by selecting the EMPLOYEE page at the top of your screen.

Then select the “Add Employee” button.Complete the required information and select “Save” at the bottom of the window.
The required information *
will have a blue star next
to it.The new employee will
need a… 

Username & Password
Primary Job.

Everything else is optional.

To Remove an Employee

Check the box to the left of the employees name and then select the “Remove Selected” button.

To Edit an Employee

Double click on any employees name to re-open their information. Make any needed changes, and then select “Save” at the bottom of the window.

You also have access to…
Submit Requests or Update Availability for an Employee!
From the employees information page, select (make request as…) to open this employees request page.
Change the Options for an Employee!
From the employees information page, select (change the options of…) to open this employees options page.
Details about these screens are on the following page.
Employees Request Page
  Employees will know the status of their Requests
Will keep track of which requests have been Accepted or Declined, as well as the requests that are still Pending.
Submit the Employees Requests!

Use the Calendar Icons to select the Starting Date & Ending Date   of the days you would like to Request Off.

Highlight the 15 minute blocks that you are UNAVAILABLE to work and…

Submit the Employees Availability!

Employees Option Page
Update the Employees Contact Information
Check the box to display a particular number or address to the other employees.
(Only Management can view unchecked information.)
Would you like your Schedule sent to your Email or Cell Phone?

Start by entering the employees email above.

For the Cell Phone, first select the employees wireless carrier, and then enter the phone number or other required information.

A message will be sent to confirm that the address has been set up.The messages will be sent immediately, however they are dependent upon cell phone traffic at the moment and can sometimes take a few minutes to reach a particular phone.
Now just select which devices to send the different messages to.
Update the Employees Username & Password
Complete the required fields and select Save to update their Username and/or Password .