Add, Edit or Remove Jobs

09 Feb, 2011 |

Add, Edit, or Remove Jobs

Start by selecting the Jobs page at the top of your screen.
You will notice two sections on the Jobs page, the List of Jobs on the left and the Job Details on the right.

For now, let’s start on the left with the List of Jobs.

Primary Jobs have their own listing on the Schedule with employees underneath.
Stations are the positions under each Primary Job.Stations can be assigned in the Job Details section to the right. 

Additional Jobs are extra jobs or special situations.

To Edit a Job

Click on the name of the Job to display the Details on the right.

Make any needed changes, and then select “Save”

The Remaining Details are Optional
To Remove a JobCheck the checkbox to the left of the Jobs name. Then select the Remove Selected button at the top of the page. 

To Add a New Job

Select the Add Job button at the top of the page.
* Complete the Required Information and select “Save”.

The new job will need a.

Job Name
Job Code:
To display in the cells. (Limited to 10 characters)
Optional: Job Abbreviation (Allows 3 characters to be sent to cell phones)

View the Other Jobs
Display to the Other Jobs
Example: Managers may View the Other Jobs (Yes), but Managers should not be Displayed to the Other Jobs (No).
Show Ending Times Are the employees aloud to see the Ending Times for this job.
Max Hours Per Day
Max Hours Per Week
WTDIW will alert you if an employee exceeds these limits for the particular job. Daily Alert will turn the shift Red. Weekly Alert will turn the entire week of shifts Bold .
Default Schedule Time
If a Job has specific Start & End Times on 1 or more days, then WTDIW will automatically set these times in the scheduling toolbar for you when the Job is chosen. You may still edit these times after they appear.
Job Color Apply To
Highlight the shifts of this Job on the schedule. Allow the employees of the other jobs to work this job.