Convenience Store and Gas Station Employee Scheduling

Convenience stores and gas stations are often open throughout the night, on weekends and even holidays. Because of that, employee scheduling is extremely important. Since employees usually have shift preferences, managers must have a way to keep track of that and easily be able to schedule their employees based on that knowledge. convenience store scheduling software  frees up time for the manager and improves the organizational efficiency of your convenience stores and gas stations.

  • convenience store¬†scheduling software streamlines scheduling information in one location.
  • Convenience store and gas station employees can easily enter their time-off requests into the system for you.
  • Schedule employees for the correct time, and ensure a shift is never over or understaffed.
  • Easily maintain and update employee contact information.
  • Assign breaks, duties and other tasks within each shift.
  • Track all vacation, sick leave and other employee requests.

See how convenience store and gas station scheduling software eliminates employee scheduling conflicts and reduces labor costs.

  • No service contracts or additional fees
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • No downloads AND all updates are automatically included
  • Quick and easy upload feature for adding employee information
  • Free program wizard to get you started right away

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