College and University Employee Scheduling Software

College campuses inevitably have a lot of employees who are also students. The college scheduling software will help you create employee schedules that strike the right balance between classes and work without compromising customer service or good grades.’s online college scheduling software gives employers the ability to enter a student’s class schedule and extra-curricular activities into the program to create a work schedule around it. This cuts down on conflicts and the need for verbal or written reminders about ever-changing employee availabilities.

  • Organize and update college employee contact information through the system.
  • Easily communicate employee scheduling updates to your entire staff.
  • Enter a student’s class schedule and extra-curricular activities into the system to create an employee schedule around it.
  • Schedule by skill set to ensure all departments have adequate staffing levels based on current needs.

See how college and university scheduling software eliminates employee scheduling conflicts and reduces labor costs.

  • No service contracts or additional fees
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • No downloads AND all updates are automatically included
  • Quick and easy upload feature for adding college employee information
  • Free program wizard to get you started right away
  • Create the perfect conflict free college employee schedule every time

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