18 Aug, 2017 |

HOSPITAL SCHEDULING SOFTWAREAre you looking for a hospital scheduling software that will save your facility money? is designed with your bottom line in mind. Let intuitive technology help you communicate your schedule with the click of a mouse, manage skill sets for the right jobs, access employee contact information, and manage a large medical staff with ease.

Short Call Software

short call softwareWith NC Smart Call, you can leave your old scheduling app at home and get shifts filled faster and easier than ever. Improve the accuracy of your schedules with NS Smart Call’s short call software that will automate the communication of available shifts to eligible employees. Estimate your first month’s savings on the website, or call 888-820-0160 for more information.

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Web Based Document Management System

web based document management systemIf you’re still using paper files and printing out documents, Kraft Business can help you finally make the transition to a web based document management system that will free up company resources and streamline your office operations in a cost-effective way. Get in touch with a specialist from Kraft by calling 616-977-COPY, or click on their ‘Business Optimization’ link to get started. Kraft Business Systems

What Time Do I WorkWhat Time Do I WorkWhat Time Do I Work